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Dr Alastair Bint understands and complies with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules (1998, revised October 2009) and he is familiar with the format of Pre-Action Protocol. He also understands and complies with Part 33 of the Criminal Procedure Rules. Dr Bint has worked with solicitors and barristers in most legal settings including Crown Court, County Court, High Court, Coroners Court, GMC Fitness to Practice Hearings, Tribunal and Court of Protection and Procurator Fiscal Sheriff's Court. Dr Bint is familiar with and has worked with the precedents as set in the Test cases of Bolam (Eng and Wal) modified by Bolitho, the third test of Bailey, Hunter (Scot) and Dunne (Ire). Dr Bint has worked with the issues as presented by the Jamieson and Middleton Inquests. He has also applied the Montgomery Test to several reports he has written. Currently his case mix is approximately 40 % Claimant, 40 % Defendant and 20% Other (mostly Coroner and GMC, small amount for CPS and Police), with a workload of around 400 alleged medical negligence cases per year. He has provided opinion on over 6000 alleged medical negligence cases and given oral evidence in Court (primarily Coroner Court) on over 70 occasions (a list of which is produced at the bottom of the 'example cases' page). 

As a general rule Dr Bint does not take on general personal injury cases other than in specific or exceptional circumstances that might require his expertise. For this reason he has chosen not to be accredited with MedCo.

Dr Bint has obtained the Bond Solon Certificate in understanding the Civil Procedures Rules for experts and he understands and adapts to the different funding constraints placed upon parties be they Conditional Fee Arrangement, NHSLA Resolution, legal expense insurance or via a medical defence organisation. Dr Bint is happy to advise any potential instructing solicitors or parties whether a case is within his area of expertise and he is happy to give a brief idea of the potential issues with any case, based on a few key facts, free of charge, be it over the telephone or in writing.Dr Bint is also able to provide set fee screening reports which are not CPR compliant.

Dr Bint is particularly practised in helping Solicitors and Barristers prepare a robust case based on suitable referenced material and his opinion for both Claimant and Defence is based on his clinical expericence, a huge catalogue of peer reviewed research papers and clinical protocols that he has built up over the past 15 years, as well as his own experiences of the common cases he has been instructed on.

Upon enquiry, Dr Bint will ascertain that there are no conflicts of interest and will give a likely time-span for reporting. He generally works to a maximum report turnaround of 4-6 weeks. Dr Bint will supply terms and conditions based on the format approved by the Expert Witness Institute. He asks that terms and conditions be agreed in writing prior to formal instruction. Dr Bint's fees have been described as very reasonable by many solicitors and his fees have never been refused or amended in costs applications.Dr Bint is happy to supply anonymised sample reports, as well as references from previous instructing solicitors.

Once instructions have been received and terms agreed Dr Bint will read all material provided, ensure he has ascertained all the facts of the case and will produce a clear and precise impartial expert report based on his opinion and experience, in a format as approved by the EWI and Bond Solon. Where there is a range of opinion within reasonable medical practice, Dr Bint will state so and will appropriately reference this range. He will clearly state his compliance with the CPR and his statement of truth.

Dr Bint has full secretarial support, ensuring that his reports are prompt and of top quality. Dr Bint will answer all questions put to him to the best of his ability and he will advise if an area is outside his expertise. Reports are available in paper or PDF format. Should an examination of the client be required, Dr Bint has access to various consulting rooms and is also willing to travel to examine clients who are housebound. Should a meeting of experts, conference with Counsel, or Court appearance be necessary Dr Bint will make all necessary efforts to meet his commitments. Dr Bint is well practised in oral testimony having testified in a variety of settings. Dr Bint has also been Chairman of various committees and is well practised at giving clear and logical answers under pressure.

Dr Bint welcomes constructive criticism of his reports or his oral evidence and also very much appreciates to hear of the outcome of a case. Dr Bint complies with the responsibilities of continued professional development not only as a practicing GP but also as an expert witness and regularly attends various medico legal seminars and meetings.

Dr Bint is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (registration number Z1784584) and complies with all relevant data protection. A copy of the data protection policy is available on the General Information page. Records are held in a secure location and shredded when they are no longer required and electronic data is encrypted and password protected.

Costs; Dr Bint can provide a fee schedule for the entire litigation process so that future costs can be detailed. Dr Bint's fees are within Bond Solon expert witness survey prices and his fees have never been refused or capped by the Court.


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