Some feedback Dr Bint has received from previous instructing parties

'I just wanted to thank you very much for your assistance at the Inquest yesterday. As always, your evidence was clear, fair and balanced.'

- Senior Coroner, East London

'A most valued opinion'

- GMC Fitness to Practice Directorate

'I thought that you might like to know that this matter settled at JSM last Friday. Your persuasive arguments in the joint discussions put the defendants in much difficulty. Thank you very much for your time and assistance on this case.' -

- Bolt Burdon Kemp Solicitors, London

'Mr McCartney QC has recommended that the family instruct you to prepare an expert opinion for them'

- Stewarts Solicitors, Belfast

'a fantastic report'

- Mr Timothy Grice, Barrister, St Johns Chambers, Bristol

'I have been extremely impressed with the service provided by you, both in terms of the speed in response and the willingness to provide a preliminary report at a suitable fee but also the manner and structure of your opinion.'

- Buckles Solicitors, Peterborough

'His participation in case conferences with Counsel has been most impressive.'

- Harris Fowler Solicitors, Taunton

Andrew Walker, HMC London North has recommended you to me'

- HM Coroner Mid Kent

Described by Judge Simpkiss as an 'exemplary' expert.

'superbly impressed'

- Medical Protection Society (MPS)

'Thank you for all your hard work and tenacity throughout for Gary,particularly in difficult and lengthy joint discussions, it is really appreciated'

- Hodge Jones Allen, Essex

'I am pleased to say that we have now been able to reach settlement and we will not now require you to attend Court...I am grateful to you for your assistance with this matter.'

- MLM Cartwright, Cardiff

'It was a pleasure working with you on this matter. The MDU, MDU members, and I are grateful for your assistance. I look forward to working with you in the future.'

- Nabarro LLP, London

'Thank you for your very helpful report in this case and for preparing it so quickly.'

- Hempsons (acting for MDU), Manchester

'There are alternatives but our clear preference given your reputation is to have you'.... and then later...'I am delighted to say this case has now settled.Your help all along was greatly appreciated'

- O'Mahony Farrelly Solicitors, County Cork

'Many thanks for providing such an excellent report and so exceptionally quickly! Your assistance, as always, is much appreciated'

-Weightmans Solicitors, on behalf of NHSLA

'Many thanks for your extremely helpful report...I found the report to be clear and thorough, and very reasonably priced'.

- Ison Harrison Solicitors, Leeds

'I found the report very clear and concise and was of course pleased to receive it just a few days after instruction'

- Weightmans (acting for NHSLA), Liverpool

'Many thanks for your help in this case and I look forward to working with you on other cases in the future.'

- Irwin Mitchell LLP, Leeds

'Although the report is unsupportive in respect of my clients case, I was impressed with the layout'.

- Crosby Moore Solicitors, Sussex

'Thank you for your very thorough work and excellent report.'

- Dr Michael Arnheim, Barrister, London

'I am pleased to be able to advise you that the GMC has now decided to close this case with no further action, I am very grateful to you for your assistance and in providing your expert report.'

- Medical Defence Union (MDU)

'I am confident that your precise report has addressed all the issues, Your advice and assisstance is always most appreciated'.


'I am happy to say that we have received a glowing reference from Clare Milne. I have therefore amended your profile to a 1st Tier APIL Member recommended Expert.'


'Your report was very thorough and it was clear that you had considered both the medical records and our clients account of the circumstances carefully.

- Lanyon Bowdler, Shrewsbury

'I am pleased that we have been able to successfully repudiate this claim and should like to thank you for your part in achieving this conclusion, through provision of your detailed expert opinion.'

- BLM, London, on behalf of MPS

'The claim for clinical negligence has now been successfully concluded, may I take this opportunity to thank you very much for your professional assistance in this claim.'

- Slater Gordon, Cardiff

'this case has now settled and thank you most sincerely for your kind and valued reports in the matter which were of great assistance to us and our client'

- Walker, O'Carrol, Hogan Solicitors, Athlone, Ireland

'I am hereby writing to you personally to thank you for all the support you lent me during my IOP hearing. I fully appreciate all that you did for me and will carry that memory for the rest of my life.'

- Dr Subject to GMC hearing, Name witheld

'We were impressed by the quality of your report and the precise unequivocal opinion that you set out therein...we will most certainly be instructing you again.'

- McKeag and Co Solicitors, Newcastle

'You come highly recommended'

- Pattinson Brewer Solicitors, London

'hugely helpful input'

- Mr Benjamin Bradley, Barrister, Outer Temple

'I have been extremely impressed with the quality of your report and the service provided by you thus far. Your reports are always clear concise and easy to understand. I appreciate the occasions in which you provide fre pro bono advice on matters where you indentify there is no claim and also your reduced fixed fee for providing preliminary advice. I have no hesitation is recommending you to colleagues.'

- Leo Abse Cohen Solicitors, Cardiff

'I am extremely grateful to you for turning this report around in such a short space of time...I had recommended you as an expert after you had responded so promptly on my other matter very recently...Once again many many thanks indeed.'

- Gordons LLP, Guildford on behalf of MDU

'Thank you for providing me with such a thorough and comprehensive report.'

- Irwin Mitchell, Manchester

'You have been highly recommended'

- Langleys Solicitors, Lincoln

'Once again, thanking you for your kind and continued assistance.'

- Jackamans, Ipswich

'I am most grateful for your report which is extremely helpful'

- Taylor Emmet Solicitors, Sheffield

'exremely helpful.'

- Fentons Solicitors

'Thank you very much for your expert witness at the inquest...your professional input in it all has been greatly appreciated.'

- Dr Injeeli, London

'Thank you again...we shall no doubt be using your services in the future'.

- Livingstone Brown Solicitors, Glasgow

'Thank you very much for you kind assistance with this case throughout.'

- Slater Gordon, Cardiff

'I am very pleased to confirm that we have now received a confirmation that the Claimant's Solicitors have discontinued their case. I would like to thank you for your support and assistance throughout.'

- Director of Advisory and Legal Services, MDDUS

'most informative and professional report'

- Carpenter and Co Solicitors, Wallington

'I was impressed with your opinions.'

- Hempsons, Manchester (on behalf of MDU)

'Thankyou for your excellent evidence''

- Professor Marks, HM Senior Coroner, Kingston-upon-Hull

'Many thanks for all your assistance and taking the time to attend trial of our client'

- MacMillan Williams Solicitors, London

'Thank you for your last report...the Coroner has asked me to approach you again on another case'

- Coroner Office, North London

'I confirm that the report was very well structured and easy to read and that although negative of my client's case, your opinion is well reasoned.'

- Lees LLP, Wirral

'Thanks for the swift response Dr Bint much appreciated and thanks for your sensible approach to the case,'

- Birchall Blackburn Solicitors, Preston

'Very many thanks for your thorough report on this case which was more detailed than I had anticipated for a desktop report but which is particularly appreciated. Your report provides a helpful balance of depth in terms of the background and conclusion, and the way in which you have formulated your conclusions is clear.'

- Irwin Mitchell LLP, Sheffield

'I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for dealing with this matter so promptly. It is much appreciated.'

- Sheridan Law, Kingston

'I thank you for your input, which I think has been very helpful in achieving settlement in this case.'

- Fairweathers Solicitors, Canterbury, Kent

'Many thanks for dealing with this matter so promptly, very much appreciated'.

- Stephanie Fessey, Clinical Negligence Underwriter, Law Assist

'Thank you very much for your report...Mrs Ralph has asked me to get in touch with you again to see if you are in a position to help us with another death which she is currently investigating.'

- Office of the Procurator Fiscal, Elgin, Highlands Scotland

'I've just completed my review of the report, which as always is extremely clear, thank you.'

- Ison Harrison, Leeds

'Thank you for your usual prompt attention to this matter and for your thorough and concise report,'

- Girlings Solicitors, Kent

'We are pleased to confirm that a settlement has been reached ...may we take this opportunity of thanking you for your valuable assistance in bringing this matter to a satisfactory conclusion.'

- Atherton Godfrey Solicitors, Doncaster

'Highy recommended'

- Medical Solicitors, Sheffield

'You have been recommended to me by a colleague...'

- Wadsworth and Co Solicitors, West Midlands

'Thank you for your assitance...I am pleased to confirm that the claim has now been settled.'

- Harris Fowler, Taunton

'My clients have asked me to pass on their thanks for your assistance with regards to the preparation of the reports.' -

- Smith Gadd and Co Solicitors, West Sussex

'Disarmingly effective'

- Pattinson Brewer, London

'Many thanks for such a fast reply. If only all our experts acted so quickly!'

- Medical Services Solutions, London

'Thanks for your very speedy report...makes for very clear reading'.

- St. John Solicitors, Dublin

'As always, I am extremely grateful for your helpful assistance in this case and look forward to working with you on future matters.'

- MDDUS, London

'Thank you very much for reporting in this case so promptly...we were pleased with your report'.

- Barlow, Lyde and Gilbert Solicitors, London

'As always the report was full and to the point'.

- Scott Duff and Co. Solicitors, Keswick

'May I take this opportunity to thank you for yoru kidn assistance in this claim which has contributed to the successful outcome.'

- DAC Beachcroft, Manchester.

'Extremely reasonable'

- Linnitts Solicitors, Devon

'Your assistance was very much appreciated'

- Harris Fowler Solicitors, Somerset

'Thank you-very prompt'

- Fairweathers Solicitors, Canterbury, Kent

'Many thanks in advance for your assistance at such short notice, much appreciated.'

- DWF Solicitors, Manchester

'Thank you for providing the Coroner so quickly with your expert report in this case.'

- North London Coroner Office

'You have been recommended by AvMA',

- Jackaman Smith and Mulley Solicitors, Ipswich

'The charity AvMA has recommended you to me'

- Attwaters Solicitors, Harlow

'We have been recommended to utilise your services by Counsel Mr Jonathan Dingle.'

- Smith and Graham Solicitors, Hartlepool

'We recently instructed Dr Bint, via Stewart House, to prepare a report for us. We were very pleased with the report and would like to instruct Dr Bint again for another client'

- Bolt Burdon Kemp, London

'The report has answered all the questions which were put to you and has clarified the claim...we will be instructing you again in the future.'

- Applebys, Huddersfield

'I am extremely grateful to you for having a look at this for me'

- Longden Walker and Renney, Sunderland

'I would like to thank you on behalf of both my client and myself for your assistance in this case.'

- Lees LLP, Wirral

'thank you very much for your very helpful report in this matter.'

- Irwin Mitchell, Newcastle Upon Tyne

'Dr Bint gave his evidence in an understated, well considerd and reflective manner. He appeared to be fully appraised of the Defendant's actions and thought processes, current best practice and had a comprehensive undertsanding of the issues and was able to explain his opinion in a balanced and even manner that was designed to assist the Court'

- Recorder Barnett, Sheffield County Court October 2019

'Many thanks for the advice that you provided previously, I have another potential clinical negligence matter with which you maybe able to assist'

- Birchall Blackburn Solicitors, Preston

'Brilliant-thank you'

- Irwin Mitchell Leeds

'That's great, thank you Dr Bint. I'm sure the solicitors will be more than happy with the turn around time',

- Stewarthouse Ltd, Sheffield

'You have recently reported in relation to my client and I found your explanation of her injury and its development to be very helpful when we discussed your opinion further in Conference with Counsel.'

- Ison Harrison, Leeds

'The format of your report was clear and made for easy reading whilst providing us with useful information to enable us to reassess the prospects of the claim and advise our client on the next steps to take.'

- Harrowells Solicitors, York

'Thank you very much for your thorough report'

- Penningtons Solicitors, Godalming

'It was a pleasure to speak with you during conference, your input was very useful indeed.'

- The Roland Partnership, Chester

'Thank you for your usual prompt and helpful response.'

- Girlings, Kent

'Many thanks in anticipation of your words of wisdom'

- Sternberg Reed, Essex

'Thank you for your report which I am very pleased to receive so quickly.'

- Gordons Partnership, Guildford (for MDU)

'I have just received your letter and I wanted to let you know how very grateful I am for how incredibly quickly you got your response to me. I think that must be the quickest turnaround time in history! Thank you once again for all your help'

- Armstrong Foulkes, Middlesborough

'Thank you so much for your very helpful opinion in this matter. We look forward to working with you in the future'.

- Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors, Shrewsbury

Thank you for your really helpful assistance in this matter. I look forward to working with you in the future on other matters.

- Harrison Clark Rickerbys, Worcester

'I am pleased to confirm that this case has settled. Your assistance in procuring what was an acceptable settlement for the Estate was much appreciated.'

- Harris Fowler Solicitors, Taunton

'Thank you very much, excellent service.'

- Medical Records Limited, Drayton Parslow

'Many thanks for your report and the speed in which you turned it round.'

- Nabarro LLP, London (on behalf of MDU)

'I have consulted my colleagues here at Pryers who have recommended you.'

- Pryers LLP, York

'Genuinely impressed'

- OH Parsons, Slough

'II write to confirm this case has now been discontinued...I am most grateful for all of your assistance with the case, particulalry in conference with Counsel.'

- Hempsons LLP, Manchester (on behalf of MDU)

'Thank you very much for turning this around so quickly.'

- Weightmans, Liverpool (on behalf of NHSLA)

'Many thanks for your helpful and thorough report and for getting this to me so quickly.'

- Kennedys LLP, London (on behalf of MPS)

'The Coroner found that the cause of death was due to an accident and there were no criticisms of our member. I would like to thank you for your assistance in this matter and for preparing your report.'


'I write to advise that this matter has now settled. ..I would like to thank you, on behalf of Jenna Harris, for all your assistance in the case.

-Irwin Mitchell, Birmingham

'Please could you pass on my thanks to Dr Bint for a very helpful report on this case and for turning it around so quickly. I very much appreciate his help. I have advised the client in accordance with his opinion that we should discontinue against the GPs

- Pryers, York (via Stewarthouse Ltd)

'You come very highly recommended by Mr Simon Buss of Counsel.'

- Roythornes, Lincolnshire

'Thank you very much for your incredibly fast and thorough response. Your advice is very much appreciated.'

- Fletchers Solicitors, Merseyside

'The report is very thorough and methodical in what is a difficult case.'

- Capsticks, London

'Thank you for your thorough and helpful report and preparing a report quickly in this matter.'

- Taylor and Emmet LLP, Sheffield

'Your report is incredibly helpful and deals with all the relevant GP attendances following my client’s injury on 6th September 2011. I found the additional extracts used in terms of providing evidence of the Thompson Test and the Oxford Handbook of General Practice in respect of ruptured Achilles tendon to be particularly useful in a claim of this nature.'

- Leo Abse Cohen Solicitors, Cardiff

'I am pleased to inform you that the Claimant has discontinued her claim against both Defendants. Many thanks for your kind assistance.'

- Gordons Partnership, Guildford, on behalf of MDU

'You kindly provided a very clear and concise report for me recently on another matter.'

- Wake Smith LLP, Shefield

' I was very grateful to receive such a comprehensive and clearly written report so promptly after instruction. I am also grateful for the manner in which you have communicated with me, whilst preparing the report.'

- Longden Walker and Renney, Sunderland

'I am pleased to advise that this claim has now finally settled with many thanks for your assistance througout this difficult case.'

-The Roland Partnership, Chester

I have mentioned to them how frequently our Department uses you, as well as the quality of your reports and your fast turnaround time and they wonder if this would be something that you would be able to assist with.

-McKeag and Co Solicitors, Newcastle

'Many thanks for your excellent work'

- Allen and Overy LLP, London.

'An excellent report'

- Ryan Solicitors, Manchester

'Your opinion is extremely helpful'

- Stephensons Solicitors, Wigan

'Thank you very much indeed for a very quick turnaround on your report'

- HM Coroner, Portsmouth

'Our client, a young man, presented himself to us with very serious health issues following an alleged failure by the NHS to provide him with a good standard of care and treatment. Dr Bint came highly recommended to us by an eminent set of Barristers Chambers in Manchester. Dr Bint provided an excellent and detailed report dealing with all of the issues in a logical and systematic manner. The report was very clear and easy to understand. We were delighted with how quickly the expert provided a report from the date of initial instruction. We would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Bint for medico-legal reports and we endeavour to continue to use his services in the long-term.'

- Serious Accident Lawyers

'Your report is so clear and comprehensive.'

- Mr Simon Buss, Barrister, Ropewalk Chambers

'Thank you for your prompt and helpful assistance in this matter'

-Michael Halsall Solicitors

'Thank you for your assisstance with this matter. I look forward to working with you again in the future.'

- Withy King Solicitors, Oxford

'Your Clinical Negligence reporting prowess has been recommended to me '

- Chief Medical Officer and Clinical Lead, Premex Group

'May I thank you for all your assistance on this and many other cases with which we have dealt together, its been greatly appreciated and a pleasure dealing with you.'

- Sternberg Reed, Essex

'Dr XX was very grateful for the support you gave him throughout the process and has asked me to pass on his thanks. I would also like to thank you for your assistance with this claim and I look forward to working with you on other matters'.

- Brachers Solicitors (on behalf of MDU), Maidstone

'An excellent report'

-Michael Halsall Solicitors, Newton-le-Willows

'We thought you presented as a really compelling expert witness...many thanks for your help today, you were fantastic.'

- MDU in relation to evidence given at MPTS fitness to practice tribunal.

Given our previous experience with you, we would ideally like you to prepare the report

- Hunt Solicitors, Holywood

'An immense help'

-MDDUS, regarding expert evidence at Inquest in Cornwall.

'A most valued expert.'

- Asons Solicitors, Bolton

'I am very pleased you are able to assist. You were recommended by Mr Rob Wastell, Counsel at 1 Crown Office Row, who informed us that you regularly undertake GMC work.'


'...the contents of which, as usual, are extremely informative and useful to us in handling this claim'

- CMSL Claims Contained, Leeds

' I am pleased to inform you that settleent has now been agreed...I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your invaluable asssitance in the case.'

- Gotelee Solicitors, Ipswich.


-Balfour and Manson, Edinburgh.

'We are pleased to confirm that a settlement has been reached...may we take this opportunity of thanking you for your valuable assistance...'

-Atherton Godfrey, Doncaster.

' I am pleased to advise that this matter has settled... look forward to working with you again in the future.'

- Medical Accident Group, Worcester.

'Many thanks for your report and the speed at which you were able to complete the report... I will return to you if either of us have any questions, although I found your report to be well written and clear.'

- Ms Hazel Lloyd, Head of Risk and Legal Services, Univeristy Hospital Wales

'I have found your report extremely helpful. Your findings are set our clearly and logically together with the evidence in support'.

- The Wilkes Partnership, Solihull

'That was the quickest turnaround I have ever experienced. Thank you very much, your report is very clear.'

- Captsicks, Leeds, on behalf of NHSLA

'I am very pleased that we were able to show the Claimant that this claim against the MPS member was sufficiently without merit that it needed to be discontinued.'

- BLM, Manchester.

'Most informative as always.'

- Hudgell Solicitors

'Thankyou again,you really cannot understand how much it has helped me'

- Anonymous GP subjected to complaint

'Extremely helpful, as always'

- Michael Halsall Solicitors

I am pleased to be able to advise that we have now received confirmation that the Claimant is discontinuing his claim against our client, although she still apparently intends to proceed against the NHS Trust.We consider this to be an excellent outcome from our clients perspective.

I can now therefore confirm that you may now regard this matter as being at a conclusion. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance throughout, which has been invaluable. Your report enabled us to maintain arguments which enabled us to force the discontinuance

- Brown Jacobson Solicitors on behalf of MPS

'Thank you for today. The barrister was extremely impressed by your evidence and is going to add you to his database.'

- Irwin Mitchell, Newcastle

'The settlement was a strong one from the Plaintiff's point of view and this is in no small measure down to the clarity with which you were in a position to express your opinions and assist us in the case. For that we are very grateful.'

- MacGuill and Company, Dublin

-'I am pleased to confirm that this claim has now discontinued...you kindly prepared a report last year without which we would not have acheived a successful outcome..it is a really excellent result given that the claim was likely to have been pleaded in the region of £2.7 million...on his and the MDDUS behalf, thank you for your role in acheiving this outcome. '

Capsticks, London.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your most valuable assistance in the matter, and your willingness to share your insights and views, without which we would not have been able to secure the pragmatic resolution achieved on Friday. Working with five other defendants and the claimant (although fortunately only three other legal teams) can be challenging, but this was indeed eased by the clarity and considered nature of your views I am indeed grateful, and I do hope that we will be able to work together again in the future

- Browne Jacobson, Nottingham

I am pleased to advise that settlement was agreed at the round table meeting yesterday. Therefore your attendance at the trial of this matter listed during the week of 24th April in Sheffield County Court is no longer required. Please may I take this opportunity to thank you very much for your expertise in this claim. 

- Slater Gordon, Cardiff 

The Trust finally abandoned the contribution claim against the GPs. I am pleased with this outcome and am confident your expert evidence was the main reason for this.

- Hill Dickinson, Liverpool

Our Head of Department has highly recommended you.

- The Association of Optometrists, London 

I found Dr Bint to be impressive and found him to be a persuasive and competent expert. I prefer the evidence of Dr Bint.

- Kent Coroner


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